Butterflies For Courageous Kids spreads hope,joy,and love to all the wonderful courageous kids out there! <3

About Us

I am a huge supporter of the Jessie Rees Foundation and encouraging courageous kids to NEGU ( Never Ever Give Up). I am working on a project to help raise awareness and represent as many kids as possible.With 250,000, I am going to need any help that I can find!My plan is to make butterfly cutouts ( I will have this image saved in the photo section,print out and design/the size is big so only 2 fit per page). On each butterfly I want to customize to fit each unique kid.I want it to have their interests and likes shown by small drawings and include a small thumbnail image of them (color or black and white ink) in the center of the butterfly.(ALSO if possible please color the butterfly the childs fave color).Be as creative as you want with decorating :) I will post a few examples as I finish them.

NOTE:Please post a link to the kids facebook page that you are making one for so that we avoid duplicates for the same kid!

I will put the collage on the Courageous Cupcake Stand and raise money for JoyJars to give to kids fighting illnesses such as Cancer.After I am done with that I plan to bring the collage of butterflies to the JoyFactory.

WHY?: I will get more done with help from others.I chose butterflies because they symbolize hope,joy,and freedom!.

MESSAGE:If you need the address to send them to when you finish some.


NOTE: Due to the fact that I am running this without any outward source of income coming in..all the costs of ink/paper/coloring and decorating/and most importantly stamps..it might take longer for me to mail out the butterflies sometimes! IF THERE IS A RUSH ON A BUTTERFLY FOR ANY REASON PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN MAKE SURE IT GETS OUT RIGHT AWAY!

Our Work:

To represent as many of these courageous kids as possible and raise awareness.I WANT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE BUTTERFLIES TO BE SENT TO THE CHILD THEY REPRESENT! If at all possible..Please take a picture of your child with the butterfly so I can turn those pictures into a collage for awareness instead of the butterflies themselves.

Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old.


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